DOKUWIKI auf einen andern Server oder in anderes Verzeichnis verschieben

  1. First copy the existing dokuwiki data dir from the old server to the same location on the new server.
  2. Then untar a fresh copy of the downloaded dokuwiki install tar file to the web root.
  3. Run the Dokuwiki installer in the fresh install directory as per the Installation instructions.
  4. Login as Admin and then go to the configuration settings and change the location of the data directory.
  5. Copy any custom templates or plugins to the respective directories on the new server.
  6. Copy the following files to the new install directory:
    • Config settings: conf/local.php
    • Users: conf/users.auth.php
    • Access Control Lists (ACLs): conf/acl.auth.php

Quelle: linuxhelplines